Exchange of gifts and surprises are essential part of Christmas, but women specifically expect special presents from their husbands, boyfriends and other friends. However, it is great challenge for their halves to gift so to give sense of specialty and make their day. There are many secrets and ideas of making the moment and event of Christmas memorable. Let’s have a look over these secrets.

The actual feeling behind presents

First for the most the present bought for the special lady that must in true sense give her feelings of being special. The elements of novelty, uniqueness, it has to posses, because if it is usual, stereotyped, outdated and obsolete in nature and look then it reflects the lack of interest and effort.  However, sometimes the price of gift also matters for the dream lady, if it is bought on sales, discounted or on offer it obviously forwards bad sense.

Go For the Brands!

Nevertheless this is the era of Brand. Branded shirts, perfumes, shoes etc are good gifts for women. There are two advantages in it one their quality and design shows your taste and standard secondly, if it requires any sort of exchange then it would be easily exchanged from any franchise of the said Bran.

What women really want for Christmas


Now it’s time to unwrap the secrets, is jeweler a good gift on Christmas? Well it is best gift if one is already in serious relationships, like from a husband. Otherwise you have to take the relation very serious after accepting this gift.  The problem with jeweler is that preferences and likeness differs. Like ear rings are preferred by one, necklaces by other.


Clothes or Garments              

Clothes can be secret gift if one knows from where your lady shop usually, because fitting, size, color and texture may not be fit and desirable. The shopping receipts inside the gift wrap solve the issue.


Chocolates are unwished gifts from a husband and boyfriend. It gives sense of lightness to the relation. A simple friend, an office colleague gives her sense of relatedness.



Lingerie is best gift thought by men; however, it is for themselves not for their women. No doubt it is good one but not on Christmas. Whereas pair of soft pajamas in her favorite colors make it better option.

What is preferable?                

It is of no use if one gifts his lady what he wants like a wrist watch, a cellphone etc. when you know that present is given to your someone special it must be of her use and desire so that could communicate your feelings of specialty to her wrapped inside gift.

It is highly regarded if something is made for her by his own self. Like personal key chains with written name, personalized photo album, and a calendar with their own pictures saving the moments spend together in the background.


It is really awesome to gift a book. The fact while buying her book is to know her choice and taste of reading. In a close relationship you might know that if she has been searching a book for long yet she has not able to get. The original copy of such unavailable book would surprise her widely.

Health care and fitness products can also be of great importance for so special lady, who is cautious of her health and fitness.  Like fitness and healthcare watches etc.

If you want to give her sense of celebrity, nothing can be good gift except makeup accessories collection kit of quality brand. For this one must aware of her personality type and choice.

Similarly if you want to enhance in your dream girl’s natural fragrance present her a perfume on Christmas. Again brand and her taste matter, which need not to be overlooked.

Home and kitchen accessories would also make better sense for Christmas gift for women, irrespective of your relation to her and her likeness. As it is all time useable and of value for her. For instance six champagne glasses and decorated utensils etc.

Candles of different variety and colors are also preferred gifts. Scented candles, beeswax candles are mostly given and accepted on Christmas.

Emotions are better too!                    

However, material gifts are not only option and surprising. A good time spent together in her favorite place, a dinner in her desired restaurant, her all time favorite movie in a theater makes her day in fact.

Not only her known and favorite place, new experiences and exposures are far much better than stuff gifts. Give her a thrilling experience, mountain climbing, horse riding, etc.

At the bottom line whatever is gifted to her is dependent on the nature and seriousness of the relations between both. Women want to get the sense of importance and feelings of specialty rather than stuffs from their men to see their love, interest and effort made for them not only on Christmas, but all the time.

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